Hand engraving a 14k gold signet ring

Engraved Signet Rings | Guide to Signet Ring Engraving

It’s undeniable that the classic signet ring has experienced a revival. Unlike the bulky and traditional seal-engraved signet rings, the contemporary signet ring has emerged as an essential fashion statement. This holds particularly true for engravable signet rings crafted from precious metals like Platinum or Gold. Furthermore, today’s consumers are increasingly seeking ethical options when it comes to signet rings.

A resurgence of Signet Rings: Embracing Modern Elegance and Ethical Choice

Engraved signet rings for men typically exhibit a larger and more substantial design compared to those preferred by women. Smaller signet rings, on the other hand, serve as perfect pinky rings for both genders. Regardless of the style, all signet rings can be skillfully engraved. Employing cutting-edge precision laser engraving technology, a multitude of personalized touches can be added. Moreover, it’s feasible to apply engravings to both the surface and underside of any design.

Types of Signet Ring Engraving

The following examples of signet ring engravings serve as inspiration for any person interested in personalised signet rings. Select from any one of the following engraving types, or alternatively, a combination of engravings.

Date engraving (available in most date formats)

Monogram engraving (typically single letter(s) applied in Times Roman capitals)

Fingerprint laser engraving (suited to the shape of many signet rings) Fingerprint signet rings capture a loved one’s print faithfully engraved on the face of a signet ring.

Private sentimental message (best applied on the underside of the signet ring)

Heartbeat engraved signet ring (including help to get your actual heartbeat)

Diamond and engraving (diamond flush set into the surface of signet ring) as a variation to our popular diamond signet ring design.

Character or image. Clear black and white graphics can be scaled, scanned, and engraved.

Logo or seal. A corporate logo, club emblem, or family seal can be copied and laser engraved.

Statement or phrase. Add your statement. Create a statement engraved signet ring.

Keeping Signet Rings Affordable

Custom-engraved signet rings serve as an ideal choice for gifting on occasions like birthdays and graduations. Interestingly, 21st birthdays frequently align with the age of graduation, leading to numerous requests for engraved signet rings from parents. Alongside surface engravings, it’s also effortless to include a personal message on the underside for an extra heartfelt touch.

Hand Engraved vs Laser Engraved Signet Rings

You can find hand-engraved signet rings, which provide a distinct aesthetic compared to laser engraving. Laser-engraved signet rings, on the other hand, offer precise customization options, including text, graphics, fingerprints, or heartbeats. Hand engraving imparts a classic and traditional appearance. Feel free to reach out for assistance with hand-engraved signet rings.

Keeping Signet Rings Affordable

If you’re seeking an exquisite signet ring in a precious metal without breaking the bank, there are budget-friendly options to explore. While there are inexpensive and less durable signet rings on the market, we recommend considering 10kt White or Yellow Gold for a balance of affordability and quality. On platforms like Etsy, signet rings are often categorized by price, but it’s essential to be mindful of plated options and mass-produced pieces that may lack the weight and durability of solid gold.

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