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  • Trellis design past present and future ring setting only

    5mm Trellis Design Three stone past, present and future


    This Trellis Three stone past, present and future ring is the perfect choice for your engagement, anniversary, birthday, or any special occasion. Its timeless design and excellent quality make it a versatile piece worn for years. The Trellis-Style Prongs setting makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants a ring that sparkles and stands…

  • Diamond 6 prong trellis platinum ring mounting

    6 Prong Trellis Design Three Stone Ring Setting


    6 Prong Trellis Design Three-Stone Ring Setting, a true embodiment of security and timeless beauty. Crafted with precision and care, this setting perfectly balances style and protection for your cherished gemstones. Its secure six-prong design ensures the utmost safeguarding of your favorite gems while allowing their brilliance to shine through. This setting beautifully narrates the…

  • Scroll designs 3 Stone trilogy ring setting

    6.5mm Three Stone Scroll Design Ring


    6.5mm Three Stone Scroll Design Engagement Ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it expresses profound love and dedication. It encapsulates the romance, passion, and commitment that have bound you and your partner together, making it the perfect choice for any milestone occasion or celebration. Embrace the timeless beauty of this exquisite 6.5mm…

  • Antique Ring art Deco ring setting in Platinum

    Art Deco Engagement Setting Floral Antique Ring


    This Art Deco  Engagement Setting  Floral Antique Ring is ideal for those who want a vintage-inspired ring that is timeless and elegant. The intricate mil-grain and engraving detail is a replica of an original 1920’s vintage ring, which has been expertly recreated in solid gold or platinum. It makes for a perfect engagement ring or…

  • Blooming Flower Scroll Ring Setting


    Introducing the Blooming Flower Scroll Ring Setting, a stunning accessory that will captivate and add a touch of elegance to any ensemble. Crafted to perfection, this ring setting is designed to accommodate a dazzling 6mm round gemstone, allowing you to create a truly personalized piece of jewelry. With its intricate scroll design delicately wrapping around…

  • One carat swirl design solitaire engagement ring

    Classic 6-Prong Swirl Ring Setting 1 carat


    6 Prong Swirl Design Solitaire Ring Setting is a stunning engagement ring setting crafted in 14k, 18 or Platinum . This exquisite setting showcases a solitaire band that features a unique swirl design with six prongs, perfectly crafted to fit a round center stone. The setting is designed to enhance the beauty of the center…

  • 14k vintage leaf and vine simple engagement ring

    Enchanted Forest Leaf Engagement Ring 6mm


    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of nature’s splendor with our Enchanted Forest Leaf Engagement Ring. Designed by artists with an unwavering passion for gardens and the outdoors, this collection celebrates the intricate beauty of leaves and branches, capturing the essence of flourishing life in every detail. The intertwining branches that form the band evoke…

  • 5-stone-half-eternity-ring-5mm-diamonds-trellis-band

    Five-Stone Trellis Anniversary Ring 5mm


    Discover the allure of our Five-Stone Trellis Anniversary Ring, a masterpiece that tenderly embraces the essence of lasting love. The 5-stones are said to symbolize the five traits great relationships hold: Love, trust, communication, commitment, and empathy. The trellis setting of this engagement ring gracefully secures each diamond, forming an elegant and secure bond. Through the…

  • ruby and citrine three stone ring mounting

    Gemstone Ring Setting 9x7mm Oval Faceted


    The gemstone itself is not included with this ring mounting. To complete your desired look, be sure to select a loose gemstone that fits the specifications of a 9×7 oval shape and have it securely mounted into this exquisite ring mounting, a timeless piece of jewelry that showcases your loose gemstone with elegance and style….

  • I carat bezel set ring mounting with euro shank

    Half Bezel Solitaire with Euro Shank Ring Setting


    Indulge in the refined allure of our “Elegance Defined” Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring, an emblem of timeless sophistication. This engagement ring is the epitome of understated beauty, with its sleek and tailored band that exudes a sense of contemporary grace. At the heart of this exquisite piece, you have the opportunity to choose the center…

  • Radiant Elegance Ring setting for 10x8 oval

    Intricately Interwoven 10 x 8 Oval Ring Mounting


    Intricately Interwoven 10 x 8 Oval Ring Mounting, Exquisite masterpiece of jewelry design, the “Radiant Elegance” Ring—a harmonious blend of femininity and contemporary artistry. This ring is a true testament to the skillful craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines our brand. At its heart, this magnificent ring features a captivating center gemstone, which takes…

  • Lotus flower three stone ring platinum mounting

    Lotus 6.5mm Gemstone Setting for Three Stones


    Lotus Flower 6.5mm Gemstone Setting for Three Stones: Elevate your style with this one-of-a-kind ring featuring a delicately crafted lotus flower setting for three sparkling gemstones. Expertly crafted in Carlsbad, CA, this Three Stone Tulip Ring Gold Ring Setting offers versatility and elegance, making it an ideal choice for various occasions. Whether planning a proposal,…

  • 14k gold ring mounting tulip design three stone

    Oval Three Stone Lotus Ring Setting


    Oval Three Stone Lotus Ring Setting serves as a blank canvas, inviting you to choose the stones that will tell your unique love story. With each detail crafted to perfection, this setting becomes a testament to the artistry of your enduring commitment. Our skilled artisans have delicately layered the design to create a captivating silhouette….

  • Art Deco Filigree & Scrolls ring setting

    Royal Crown Antique Style Scroll Design Ring


    At Gemsunique, we believe that your engagement ring should be as unique as the love it symbolizes. That’s why each 6 prongs ring setting is expertly crafted to order, ensuring a perfect fit for the centerpiece of your dreams. Designed for a 1 carat round diamond, our setting serves as an exquisite frame to showcase…

  • Platinum wheat pattern design ring setting

    Solitaire Ring setting with Wheat Pattern Design for 8mm


    Our Wheat Pattern Diamond Ring is a stunning piece of early 20th-century fine jewelry that is sure to captivate and delight. This ring showcases the skillful artistry of the era with its intricate wheat pattern design chased into the metal.  Ideal for vintage jewelry enthusiasts or anyone seeking a one-of-a-kind piece with a rich history….