Art Deco Engagement Ring with Milgrain and Hand Engraving

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RING INFORMATION Style #: 251167 Approx. Metal Weight: 14k 4.2: 18K 5.0: Platinum 6.5 Approx. Shoulder Width: 4.5mm Approx. Shank Base Width: 2.3mm Approx. Shank Base Thickness: 1.8mm Surface Finish: Polished GEMSTONES NEEDED Center Stone: Size: 6.5mm

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Gems Unique guarantee our products. We sell 100% genuine 417 10K Gold, 585 14K Gold, 750 18K Gold, .950 Platinum, exceeding the “US Stamping Act.”

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Art Deco-inspired engagement ring setting, a timeless piece that combines vintage charm with modern elegance. Crafted with careful attention to detail. This setting is designed to become a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

  1. Center Stone Showcase:
    • A secure four-prong setting ensures maximum sparkle for the dazzling 6.5mm 1-carat center stone.
  2. Art Deco Details:
    • Delicate milgrain accents along the edges add a touch of sophistication, reminiscent of the iconic beading of the Art Deco era.
    • The shank’s hand-engraved motifs showcase intricate craftsmanship, paying homage to the elegance and glamour of Art Deco design.

This setting is a statement of style and a symbol of love and commitment. Whether chosen as an engagement ring or a cocktail ring, its timeless beauty will captivate hearts. Elevate your special moment with our Art Deco-inspired masterpiece.


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